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North American Bluebird Society
Dept. B, P.O. Box 74
Darlington, WI 53530-0074

Send Them E-mail You can get a special membership for $10.00 (students and seniors)and a regular membership for $15.00. With this membership you get issues of Sailia magazine, you can attend annual and regional meetings, and you recieve a nest box record form. They sell NABS nest boxes, patches, decals, sparrow traps, blubird tapes, books, art items, stationary, T-shirts, etc.

Ohio Bluebird Society
20680 Twp. Rd. 120
Senecaville, OH 43780

Send Them E-mail This is the organization to join if you live in Ohio!
Annual donation:
Student (Under 21) $7.50
Senior $7.50
Senior Family $10.00
Regular/Individual $10.00
Family $15.00
Organization $30.00
Life $200.00

The Bluebird Recovery Program Of Minnesota
Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis
P.O. Box 3801
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Send Them E-mail Suggested annual donation of $8.00 (tax-deductible) that membership includes the peterson box plans, brochure, newsletters, predator and problem guide, the U.S. annual directory of bluebirders reporting to BBRP, and a bluebird report form. This also includes the conference every second Saturday in September. They sell t-shirts, patches, caps, books, bluebird tapes, art, stationary, Peterson box plans and sparrow trap plans, etc.

Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania
PO Box 267
Enola, PA 17025-0267

Send Them E-mail
Membership dues: Individual: $10.00 Family: $15.00 Senior (65 and older): $8.50 Student (17 and under): $5.00 Members recieve: Membership card, Bluebird Information Packet, nest box survey and monitoring forms, Bluebird nest box plans, and quarterly newsletter (Bluebird Trails and Tails).

Bluebird Restoration Association
Treasurer: Delores Wendt
1751 28th Avenue
Rice Lake, WI 54868

Tax deductable donation of $5.00 a year for one person or a family. This includes newsletters, a nest box report form and summery, and you can attend a conference every third Saturday in September. They sell clothing, plans for the Peterson, Lake, Olson, or Bauldry houses, stationary, books, crafts, etc.

North Central Bluebird Recovery Team
NDSU Extention Service Room
181 Hultz Hall
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND 58105

Chair Terry Messmer (701-237-7950). Pamplet, annual directory, information, and data form.

Iowa Bluebird Recovory Program
c/o Jaclyn Hill
2946 Ubben Avenue
Ellsworth, IA 50075

Suggested donation of $4.00 gives you access to the annual conference, workshops, and the sell items at the conference.

Box 15001
Hamilton, OH 45001
(513) 874-5881

Mealworms, crickets, and other Eastern Bluebird live food in bulk.

Joe Huber
1720 Evergreen Court
Health, OH 43056

Flip Flop box instructions with the built in sparrow trap for $1.00 plus large self-addressed stamped envelope. Flip Flop box is $20.00 including S & H.(Old pricing. Call for updated prices.)

Nixalite Animal Controls

1025 16th Avenue
East Moline, IL 61244-1424
Send Them E-mail
Visit their Website

This company offers a great pole guard (which I use on all of my trails). Call or visit their website to find out more. Type W is what you will want to keep ground predators out of your boxes. Click here to see how I use it on my poles.

Bird Watchers Digest
Box 6295
Silver Spring, MO 2016-6295
(800) 879-2473

Nest Boxes, books, birdbath drippers, Bird Watchers Digest magazines, postcards, stationary, etc.

Bird and Bat Houses

Free catolog. Bluebird Houses.

Woodland Habitat
1103 Cecelia Ave.
Park Hills KY, 41011
(606) 431-5644

Bluebird boxes, Kestrel boxes, Screech Owl boxes, Wood Duck boxes, etc.

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