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The Dangers of Pesticides
Like many other bird species, Eastern Bluebirds have also been effected severely by harmful pesticides. The most dangerous chemical once used was DDT. DDT worked well on killing insects, but when Eastern Bluebirds consumed these insects it would also kill them. Even if the insects didn't kill the parents they would definately kill the fledglings. It would also make the wall of their egg so thin, that when they would sit down to incubate the egg, it would crumble beneath them. DDT isn't the only harmful chemical around. Almost any pesticide on the market today can harm Eastern Bluebirds. The solution is to make sure Eastern Bluebirds are'nt nesting in an area where pesticide use is prevalent. Before you put up a nest box try to find out if any of your neighbors, or nearby parks are using chemicals. Never put any pesticide/repellant inside, or outside a nest box.

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